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Headquartered in Merrimack, NH, Unitrode Corporation designs, manufactures and sells analog/linear and mixed-signal integrated circuits, primarily for power management, motor control interface applications. Unitrode’s technical leadership in power supply controllers amply supports the Company’s slogan, "The Linear IC Company Everyone Follows". Unitrode, founded in 1960 as a power components manufacturer, shed all of its other businesses, except for this highly successful analog business which was begun in 1981. Unitrode’s IC business is a recognized industry leader with such introductions as the first current-mode control IC, zero-current and zero-voltage resonant topologies, power factor correction, to name a few innovations. In the year ended January 31, 1998, Unitrode reported net income of $30.2 million, or $1.21 per share, on net revenues of $177.6 million.

 In the past decade, Unitrode has grown at an average rate of 24% per year. The key to profitable growth is the timely introduction of high-performance circuits designed and manufactured to meet customer requirements. New products, currently being introduced at a rate of about 40 per year, are designed in one of three design centers: the Merrimack headquarters location, or satellite design centers in San Jose, California or Cary, North Carolina.

 Unitrode’s two manufacturing facilities (Merrimack and Singapore) are registered to ISO 9001/9002, respectively. In 1996, Unitrode was named the "Semiconductor Supplier of the Year" by the European Power Supply Manufacturers Association.

 Unitrode offers the broadest line of power supply controllers on the market today, including linear and switching regulators, off-line PWM controllers, housekeeping and supervisory circuits, power MOSFET drivers, high power- factor correction products, hot swap power managers, and many other power support circuits. A growing line of portable power products includes: battery chargers, controllers, protection circuits, and highly efficient power converters.

 Unitrode’s strength in the market is the result of close communication with its customers. This close cooperation assures that new products successfully anticipate customers’ needs. In addition, Unitrode’s widely acclaimed power supply seminars which are held throughout the world provide a highly technical, in-depth practical workshop for power supply designers to share ideas and solve design dilemmas.

 By integrating customer focus with an unmatched circuit design capability and applications knowledge, as well as manufacturing expertise, Unitrode is successfully able to address the needs of its customers—whether for high-volume or more modest requirements.

7 Continental Blvd. · Merrimack, NH 03054
TEL: (603) 424-2410 · FAX: (603) 424-3460

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